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Monday, September 21, 2009

What the f@ck is wrong with me?

I just got a shot of antibiotic on my ass. The experience was rather painful. They first had to do a skin test so they injected a small amount of the stuff on my arm to make sure that I'm not overly allergic to it. After a few minutes, they asked me to lie on my stomach and expose my ass. They warned me that it will be painful as they had to use a large needle for the procedure. I courageously said go ahead and boy, was I foolish. The nurse proceeded to perform the procedure with a size 19 needle on the left cheek of my butt. It was painful but I had no choice but to endure it. As fate would have it, the needle was clogged so they couldn't administer the medicine and they had to replace the needle. I now had to endure another pricking this time on the right cheek of my ass. The nurse kept apologizing and I asked her if I did something wrong to her and if she was mad at me? She kept apologizing so I just told her that I'm ok and to just get it over with. This time, she was successful in administering the shot. It was really painful. They weren't kidding.

And I'm supposed to do this once a month for the next 12 months? Is this really necessary?

I'll be posting the medicines I've been asked to take and the lab results so hopefully, if you have friends who are qualified doctors, you could refer them to this post and they could suggest what's wrong with me or alternatives to this painful treatment.

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