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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In search of my BIR TIN

In search of my BIR Tax Identification Number(TIN)

We went thru the process of applying for a Korean VISA and we found out that the number I was using for the past 13 years is WRONG. So my Korean VISA is now in PENDING status.

To remedy this, I was asked to verify and obtain my correct TIN. I checked the official BIR website to see if they have some sort of online verification system. Their website is so slow and the services they are offering doesn't seem to be working. I then tried to find a number to call on their website. The first number I called just kept ringing with no one answering. The second number I called connected me to their IVRS where I ended up in an infinite loop as it tried to connect me to a possibly non-existent operator. Using some google fu, I was able to come across the following number:

BIR TIN Verification Office:

I called the above number and I finally got answered. I told them about my problem and they asked me to call another number instead.

BIR TIN Verification Office:

I called the first number above and got answered by someone who then proceeded to transfer me to someone who can do the verification. According to him, the current TIN in my ITR was indeed invalid. I gave him my first, last and middle name and he confirmed my birthday. I found out that two numbers on my ITR was switched, 91 instead of 19.

I hope this post proves useful to someone else with the same problem in BIR TIN Verification.


  1. hi there i have the same predicament.. how did youresolve this with the korean embassy? hope you can give me tips! :)

  2. kcatwoman,

    all you need to do is get your correct TIN or even get yourself a BIR ID so that you can show it to them

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