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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Relief Repacking at Villamor Airbase

How to get there?

The repacking site is located at Villamor Air Base, Multipurpose Hall, Pasay City.

Villamor Air Base is near Resorts World and NAIA Terminal 3.

You need to enter Gate 4 then keep going straight.

Then take a left turn on the intersection with a Petron station to your left.

Then go straight until you are past the church and past the first intersection.

Take a left on the next intersection and take another left on the next intersection.

Go straight and you will see the the multipurpose hall to your right.

See map below:


Site Layout


Repacking Process

  • Each sack should contain 6 food packs
  • Each food pack should contain:
    • 6 kilograms of rice
    • 8 sachets of coffee
    • 8 packs of instant noodles
    • 3 cans of sardines
    • 3 cans of corned beef

Volunteers prepare the bags at the bag line by placing a yellow plastic bag inside a white plastic bag. The bags are provided to volunteers ankle deep in rice grains who use a “tabo” to scoop the appropriate amount of rice grains into the yellow bag. The yellow bag is then closed with 2 knots. The rice grains in the scooping area are periodically replenished by other volunteers who have to carry the sacks of rice from the rice inventory. These sacks must be opened with scissors or cutters.

Volunteers in the goods line fill a bag with the appropriate amounts of coffee sachets, noodle packs, sardines cans and corned beef cans. The bag is closed with 2 knots. The bag is then moved to the packed goods file. The boxes of coffee, noodles, sardines and corned beef used at the goods line are replenished periodically by other volunteers who carry the boxes from the Boxed Good inventory. The boxes must be opened with scissors or cutters.

The white bag with the yellow bag containing rice grains are then moved near the packed goods pile. A bag from the packed goods pile is added to the white bag to complete the food pack. The food pack is then moved to the area near the sacks of relief packs where they are placed in sacks. The sacks are then closed using a straw ropes. The sacks are then piled in pallets. Periodically, the sacks are carried out to fill the shipping containers outside.

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